Photography by Kahlil Nommo

Felicia Holman, is, by trade, a Certified Personal Trainer with both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. However, her lifelong passion for performance/expression and creativity motivated her charter membership with the Chicago-based women’s performance collective, Ladies Ring Shout (LRS). As a founding member of LRS, Felicia has helped build evocative performance pieces that confront/explore such notions as sexuality, home, race, history, and memory.

Photography by Kahlil Nommo

Meida Teresa McNeal (PhD Performance Studies, Northwestern University) is an Independent Artist and Scholar, a 2010 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist, Dance Researcher for the Chicago Artists Resource Web Project and a Teaching Artist with Changing Worlds, a nonprofit educational arts organization. In addition to developing a number of performance projects, Meida is currently completing her first book-length manuscript “Compromised Subjectivities: Constructing Trinidadian Nationhood and Navigating Postcolonial Caribbean Performance” based on over ten years of ethnographic research in Trinidad.

Photography by Kahlil Nommo

Abra M. Johnson teaches with the City Colleges of Chicago and its Bridge Program with DePaul University. Having scholarly interests in representations of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class in popular music, she will be travelling to Savannah, Georgia to study Gullah and Ogeechee African-American subcultures as a National Endowment for the Humanities Community College Faculty Fellow.


One Response to Bios

  1. stacey g says:

    Just landed back on this planet from the lush geniusness these women have sewn together. It is ‘a show’ for those who tend to be one dimensional and static, but it is a dynamic and steady call to arms for those of us who know about carrying oppression and more importantly those brave enough to return that oppression back to sender.

    To sit in a performance space and hear vibrant women devoid of that canned artificiality so often heard from over functioning, yet somehow still ‘flat’ mainlined/mainstreamed “actresses”, proves the small showcase arena is woefully overdue for Black Voice on Black terms sans apology. Wry, savvy , woeful, riotous, saucy, clever, enchanting all at once, Ladies Ring Shout speaks directly to the deadly gaze of the oppressors and with precise and uncompromising execution dismantles that fetishizing and dares the audience to literally ‘ride or die’
    Ligthers-inna- di-air Meida, Abra and Felicia.

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